Losi® ready-to-run (RTR) vehicles come assembled and finished, with nearly everything you need included. Roller (rolling chassis) models are basically ready-to-run chassis that require electronics and a few other items.

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Mini vehicles are a great place to get started in your RC journey. They are compact enough to get you used to being an RC enthusiast but pack a punch get you whipping around turns at decent speeds.
Standard vehicles will get your foot in the door to creating a one of a kind vehicle. These cars and trucks come in multiple brands that are sure to satisfy even the most pick RC enthusiast in town.
You're totally a pro here. Large scale vehicles are the top of the line, ready to show off vehicles that are sure to impress all your friends and family. They take the RC Lifestyle to a whole new level.

RC Cars & Trucks By Completion Level

Radio controlled vehicles usually come in one of three completion levels: RTR (Ready-to-Run), Roller, or Kit. Most Losi® vehicle selections are RTR. Ready-to-Run indicates that the vehicle is fully assembled and includes the electronics needed for operation. Although assembly is not required, most RTR vehicles do require that a battery and charger be purchased separately. However, there are some exceptions. In order to understand what items are required to complete your RC vehicle, you can find the details under the “Needed to Complete” section of every product page.

A Roller radio control vehicle is one that comes fully assembled but does not include any electronics. Most often it will also not include a body, wheels, or tires. The benefit to an RC roller is that you can save money by repurposing electronics you may already have or put the savings toward new, race-level electronics with more tunability and features than what would come in an RTR. Completing an RC roller can take an average of three hours, depending on your experience.

Finally, some RC vehicles come in kit form. An RC kit must be fully assembled by its owner, which usually takes about 10 hours depending on your skill level. All parts are packaged in groups that correspond to the assembly steps in the manual that is included in the box. Although most kits come with basic tools, including L-wrenches, we do recommend purchasing a proper hex driver set to make your building experience easier and more enjoyable. Building a vehicle from the ground up is not only rewarding, but it’s also the best way to get to know your RC vehicle inside and out in case you ever need to diagnose issues or make improvements.