With radio control vehicles available in Desert, Drag, Mini, Monster Truck, Street, and Track categories, Losi® has the perfect model for every driver, basher, and racer.

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Mini vehicles are a great place to get started in your RC journey. They are compact enough to get you used to being an RC enthusiast but pack a punch get you whipping around turns at decent speeds.
Standard vehicles will get your foot in the door to creating a one of a kind vehicle. These cars and trucks come in multiple brands that are sure to satisfy even the most pick RC enthusiast in town.
You're totally a pro here. Large scale vehicles are the top of the line, ready to show off vehicles that are sure to impress all your friends and family. They take the RC Lifestyle to a whole new level.

RC Cars & Trucks By Category

Maybe you’re a first time RC truck, car, or buggy hobbyist who’s primarily interested in finding a sturdy model with the scale looks of your favorite full-scale vehicle. Or perhaps you’re an experienced RC enthusiast who needs a certain type of RC car engineered for high performance under specific track conditions. For these drivers and more, there’s a good chance you’ll find the exact remote control vehicle you need in the Losi® brand lineup.

Losi has focused on creating RC trucks, cars, and buggies with the quality needed for racing since we began in 1980. In RC racing’s early days, standard hobby grade radio control cars weren’t made for the impacts, harsh landings, and other abuse endured at off-road racetracks. Losi began selling the option parts they needed to survive, and the popularity of RC racing soared. Losi then went to work developing its first RC cars, and the rest is history.

Whatever specific passion you have within the world of motorsports, you’ll find it represented in a scale radio control vehicle from Losi®. Our focus is to develop ready-to-run (RTR) and kit remote control cars, buggies, and trucks inspired by full-scale racing, taking advantage of the RC hobby’s finest technology and materials. All are fully tunable out of the box, so you can dial-in your setup for the best performance on any terrain, whether in your backyard or at your local track.

Every one of our products focuses on a specific type of racing or racing activity. Based on the TLR® (Team Losi Racing®) race cars, our budget Mini-T and Mini-B are the best-handling mini race cars on the market. Your driveway can be your racetrack, where you and your friends compete by racing around simple obstacles. Meanwhile, the 2-stroke engine in our 5IVE-T has the power, realistic sound, and burning fuel smell that excites true gearheads. Whether you’re new to the RC car and truck hobby or a seasoned pro, no matter what your favorite racing category is, the Losi brand has a vehicle for you.

Besides driving skill, any racer knows that their equipment and their ability to tune and upgrade their cars makes the biggest difference toward finishing first. On all Losi vehicles, you can make camber, caster, toe, compression, rebound, and other suspension adjustments out of the box to dial-in your setup for the best performance on any terrain. We also have performance upgrades to increase durability and speed. From aluminum parts to faster servos and different tires, you can match your race car’s handling to your driving style in an infinite number of ways. Losi has upgrades to increase durability and speed, and we partner with the world’s best full-scale companies to capture the feel of real racing through replica bodies, wheels, tires, shocks, and more. They not only give you the best-handling RC car on the track, but also one that looks like the race car of your dreams.

Losi understands what makes every racer tick. It’s the adrenaline rush unleashed by going fast and hitting the perfect apex. It’s reaping the rewards of long hours spent preparing and working on repairs and improvements. It’s the determination never to give up at the track. At Losi, we share your passion for RC and full-scale racing, and we look forward to helping you join in.