Developed from innovative and competition-proven technology, Losi® RC car and truck platforms deliver superior performance for each category. Mini to large scale are available, in electric and gas power.

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Mini vehicles are a great place to get started in your RC journey. They are compact enough to get you used to being an RC enthusiast but pack a punch get you whipping around turns at decent speeds.
Standard vehicles will get your foot in the door to creating a one of a kind vehicle. These cars and trucks come in multiple brands that are sure to satisfy even the most pick RC enthusiast in town.
You're totally a pro here. Large scale vehicles are the top of the line, ready to show off vehicles that are sure to impress all your friends and family. They take the RC Lifestyle to a whole new level.

RC Cars & Trucks By Platform

Using the latest innovations and technology, Losi® has a RC car and truck platform for almost every category imaginable. From mini to large scale vehicles and electric to nitro to gas power, Losi offers a vehicle platform that is perfect for you.

Losi vehicle platforms include the Mini 22, Mini JRX, V100, 22S, Rey, LMT, Super Rey, 8IGHT, 5IVE, TENACITY, and DBXL.

Losi Mini 22 RC buggies and trucks deliver similar performance to the larger TLR® 22 platform but in 1/16 and 1/18 scale. While scaled down in size and more affordable, Losi Mini 22 models look nearly identical to the larger Losi RC platform. With wheelbases that measure ten inches or less, they’re an affordable way to enjoy powerful Losi performance.

Modeled after the legendary 1/10 scale JRX2 RC racing buggy, which was originally introduced in 1988, the 1/16 scale Mini JRX combines classic buggy styling with 21st century performance. The original JRX2 radio control buggy made Losi a prominent name in RC.

The Losi V100 ready-to run 1/10 scale RC vehicles provide highly-capable on-road AWD performance and realistic scale looks. The V100 platform offers highly detailed-bodies and also are durable and powerful just like the full-size muscle cars they are modeled after. The bodies used on the V100 RC cars are formed in three pieces to replicate the curves and details of the real-life versions. Shaft-driven AWD provides superior traction on paved surfaces and superb drift control when sliding across loose ground.

The Losi 22S, a sport version of top-level TLR® (Team Losi Racing®) 22 RC race car, is track-ready and is still perfect for off-track bashing. The “22” refers to engineering developed for high-end TLR 22 RC race cars and the “S” signifies Sport.

The no-compromise Losi Rey 1/10 scale radio control truck platform is modeled after the full-size Rey unlimited desert truck. It is designed to deliver performance that matches its scale appearance.

The Losi TENACITY® is based on the multi-national champion TLR TEN race machine, which is well known as one of the toughest and most unstoppable RC racing platforms. The TENACITY delivers high performance on and off the track and has stood the test of time, remaining a favorite with RC drivers of all kinds for many years.

Built like a real monster truck, the Losi LMT 1/10 scale RC monster truck platform is all about massive fun and massive tires. The LMT is a high-powered package that incorporates 1/8 scale parts for monster-worthy strength to withstand jumps, wheelies, and other wild freestyle action along with intense racing action on a Monster Jam style course.

Track-ready and built for 1/8 scale buggy and truggy racing, the affordable Losi 8IGHT™ platform uses engineering carried over from the championship winning TLR® 8IGHT vehicles. Simplified and affordable, the 1/8 scale Losi 8IGHT has everything needed to get started in radio control buggy and truggy racing combined with the advantage of engineering introduced in TLR® (Team Losi Racing®) 8IGHT vehicles that carried them to national and international wins.

The 1/6 scale Losi Super Rey radio control desert truck platform creates a new standard for large scale electric performance. The best was made better when Losi made the Rey bigger. The no compromise Rey 1/10 scale radio control desert truck platform proved so successful, the only way to make it better was to make it bigger. Drawing additional inspiration from 1/5 scale Losi 5IVE™ vehicles, the Super Rey is the peak of large scale electric performance — not just for Losi, but for the entire RC industry.

The Losi DBXL™ 1/5 scale RC buggy platform is an off-road powerhouse that delivers speed, handling, and durability with gas or electric options. Losi established its dominance in the 1/5 scale radio control vehicle market with the 5IVE gas powered RC platform. Enthusiasts seeking similar large-scale performance with gas or electric options at a lower price should check out the ready-to-run DBXL and DBXL-E RC buggies. With superior handling, out of the box high speeds, and durability, they have become big favorites.

If 1/8 scale won’t do, it’s time to move up to the huge size and off-road performance of the Losi 5IVE short course truck The 5IVE short course truck has raised the bar for large scale gasoline RC vehicles and is the platform of choice for 1/5 scale racing. An oversized version of the Losi 8IGHT, the 5IVE delivers unmatched performance for a gasoline large scale vehicle. Bind-N-Drive technology gives the benefit of factory-assembly and the ability to use your own favorite transmitter.